Choose Not To Abuse

Tri-C is dedicated to providing a clean learning environment free from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. The use, possession, dispensation, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs and controlled substances that are not medically authorized is prohibited.

Mandated by the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, Cuyahoga Community College has developed a Drug-Free Campus and Workplace program. All students are required to receive a copy of this program annually. The program specifically covers:

  • Sanctions – Those choosing to violate the drug-free policy are subject to corrective action, up to and including discharge and possible referral for criminal prosecution.
  • What You Can Do: Alcohol and Drug Support Services – Treatment options and referrals for rehabilitation. Students in need of assistance should contact their campus Counseling office.
  • Controlled Substances and You – Health risks associated with the use of tobacco, illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol. The risks associated with drug and alcohol use are numerous and include emotional, mental and physical effects. Some are irreversible,  and even short-term use can cause or contribute to loss of life.
  • Substance Abuse Penalties and Enforcement – Legal sanctions (local, state and federal) and penalties for violators may include fines, imprisonment or both.

Students may view the entire Drug-Free Campus and Workplace program on my Tri-C space. Please contact the director of Health and Well-Being for a hard copy. Students interested in more information regarding community resources can visit