Grade Point Average

Grade point average (GPA) is a measure of scholastic performance. It is computed by dividing the sum of the total quality points earned by the total number of credits (quarter or semester) attempted.

The following example illustrates the computation of GPA:

Points X Credit = Total Points 

A 4 3 12
B 3 3 9
C 2 4 8
D 1 3 3
F 0 3 0
Total 16 32  

GPA: 32/16 = 2.00

GPA can be computed for any given semester or for the total of all credits attempted. When a GPA is computed for the total of all of the credits attempted, it is referred to as the cumulative GPA.

Courses in which the letter symbols S, U, P, NP or the action symbols AU, W, CBE, I, IP, *, T, ACE, AP, CLP or USAF are noted are not included in the computation of a student’s GPA.