Tri-C offers parking for students and visitors on all campuses.

The College automatically charges an institutional fee, based on credit hours, at the time of registration. The fee provides students with unlimited access to all campuses, recreation facilities, Technology Learning Center locations, libraries and special events on campus.

Fees are adjusted accordingly when courses are added/dropped based on the resulting credit hours.

1-3 credit hours: $10
4-11 credit hours: $50
12+ credit hours: $70

This fee applies to all students and is based on credit hours charged. It is not based on student status (e.g., part-time, full-time, College Credit Plus, distance learning). Vehicle registration is not required.

Students are permitted to park in any College lot except faculty/staff and visitor lots. Student vehicles found in visitor lots will be ticketed. Students parking in faculty/staff lots will be issued a citation.

No vehicle is to be left on Tri-C property for longer than 24 hours. Vehicles are subject to tow at the owner’s expense thereafter. If a vehicle must be left overnight, notify Campus Police and Security Services.

Tri-C is officially closed one hour after classes end.

Citations may be paid by mail or in person at any Enrollment Center. Appeals must be made within 10 days of notice of the violation by visiting Campus Police and Security Services or via the online parking appeal form at

Penalty for non-payment may include withholding grades, holding registration, impounding the vehicle or warrant citation (municipal court).

Parking and traffic rules and regulations have been adopted by the Cuyahoga Community College Board of Trustees to regulate traffic and parking on Tri-C property.

Motorcycles, motorbikes and motor scooters are subject to the same regulations as automobiles. The motor vehicle laws of the state of Ohio are in full effect on Tri-C property.

Student Accounting does not maintain or enforce any of the above referenced policies regarding parking.