Procedure on Academic Status

(A) Good academic standing and Dean’s List

Students will be considered to be in good academic standing as long as they meet the grade point average (GPA) requirements listed in Section (B). Students who have a current GPA of 3.50 or higher and who have attempted 12 or more credits during the current term will be placed on the Dean’s List.

(B) Academic probation

  1. A student will be placed on academic first probation (P1) if their cumulative GPA is  less than shown below:
    Total Credit Hours Attempted Cumulative GPA 
    0-11 inclusive .75
    12-29 inclusive 1.50
    30-50 inclusive 1.75
    51 and above 2.00
  2. Academic first probation continues as Probation 2 (P2) until the student’s cumulative GPA is not less than the requirement stated in (B)(1).

  3. A student placed on academic first probation (P1) at the end semester must participate in one of the following interventions.   

    1. Academic First Probation appointment with an academic counselor

    2. Online Academic Probation Workshop

(C) Academic dismissal

  1. A student with more than 12 credits will automatically be dismissed after the next consecutive term following the probation status if the student’s cumulative GPA is less than the requirement stated in section (B)(1).
  2. A student who has been academically dismissed from the College is prohibited from enrolling in additional classes but may petition for academic readmission.
  3. Students whose current credits attempted are 0.0 due to receiving all or any combination of “W,” “AU,” and “I” grades will retain their previous academic standing.
  4. The president or their designee is hereby directed to take all steps necessary and appropriate for the effective implementation of this procedure.