Repeated Courses and Financial Aid

Federal financial aid funds may be used only once to repeat previously passed courses for which a student has already received credit. Therefore, if a student has passed a course with a grade of D and has received credit for the course, they may only receive federal financial aid funds to repeat the course one time to improve their grade. However, if a student has not passed a course by receiving a F grade or has withdrawn (W) from a course without receiving credit, they will be able to receive financial aid to repeat the course, provided they meeting the requirements of SAP policy.


If a student receives a D grade in a course with a minimum requirement of at least a C grade as a prerequisite to advance to the next level course, they must repeat the course in order to meet the academic standard. A student may only receive federal financial aid to repeat a course one time, regardless of how many times they need to retake it to achieve a C grade. The student will not receive financial aid for the same course repeated more than twice, for which credit has been received.

If a student repeats a course for which they have already received credit, the financial aid award may be adjusted for the courses in which the student is enrolled and for which they have not previously received credit. In some cases, it is still possible that the dollar amount of the financial award may cover the tuition balance. However, the student’s financial aid award will now be calculated based on the eligible financial aid coursework. If the individual has student loans, they will need to be enrolled in at least six credits of non-repeated coursework to receive their student loan and be eligible for work-study awards.