Students may withdraw from any semester course prior to the end of week 12 of the full semester, (or 80% of any instructional part of the semester). Specific withdrawal dates are available by semester at any Enrollment Center or in the Enrollment Guide.

To withdraw from a course or courses, students must withdraw online or submit a completed withdrawal form by specific deadlines. 

Withdrawal dates are published in the Enrollment Guide and on my Tri-C space on the Withdrawals/Refunds card. Refund dates are published in the Enrollment Guide and on my Tri-C Space on the Withdrawals/Refund card.  The refund schedule for all parts of term within a semester or summer session is determined proportionately to the full semester schedule, established by Tri-C procedure.

A student may withdraw from a course or courses for any reason up to the last day of week 12 of the full 16-week semester. Withdrawal from a course prior to the last day of the second week of the semester will have no notation made in permanent records; withdrawal thereafter will be noted with a W grade.

Withdrawals related to student conduct are administrative withdrawals approved by the dean of student affairs or their designee.

All transactions involving withdrawal from courses shall be done in writing via Tri-C email and on forms provided by Tri-C or through electronic means. A student’s failure to attend classes shall not constitute an official withdrawal.