Withdraw/Refund Deadlines

Students who withdraw from academic credit courses will receive a refund of applicable tuition and fees in accordance with the following schedule, which governs all withdraws/ refunds of tuition and fees for full-term courses of academic credit.

Withdraw/Refund period: Full Semester

First week – Student is responsible for 0% of tuition
Second week – Student is responsible for 30% of tuition
Third week – Student is responsible for 50% of tuition
Fourth week – Student is responsible for 75% of tuition

Fifth week and after Student is responsible for 100% of tuition

If tuition was paid in full and there is no other outstanding balance, your payment minus the percentage you are responsible for will be refunded.

The refund process will begin two weeks after the start of term. Financial aid recipients should contact Student Financial Aid to determine how a withdrawal will affect their financial aid eligibility. The schedule for all parts of a semester and the summer session will be determined in proportion to the full semester schedule.

You will not be responsible for the instructional, general or supplemental fees if Tri-C cancels a course.

No refunds are granted if a student is dismissed from Tri-C for disciplinary reasons.